5 Rock Cello Songs – all strings are awesome!

rock cello

Beyond the violin: Rock Cello songs.

Although this site is called “Rock the Violin“, and I am a violinist, I thought of doing a blog post highlighting some pop and rock cello songs. After all, we’re all friends here 😉

What’s interesting to point out is that, generally, you will find the violin in rock bands serves a purpose similar to the lead guitar. The cello may be closer to the bass, but it’s not as rhythmic as its modern version. The way it’s used in rock songs is versatile – check it out:


Apocalyptica (any song, really)

I’ll start the list in the most obvious way. This band consists of four cellos. That’s all. And they originally were a Metallica tribute band (now doing their own neoclassical metal stuff). Who needs an electric guitar (or anything else) when you can make a cello sound like THAT? Great command of the instrument and all the available distortions..!


2CELLOS (again, anything)

It seems that the combination of metal or hard rock and cellos is quite popular. Well, I said above: the cello is a versatile instrument. In this case, the Croatian cello duo performs covers of popular songs, from AC/DC to U2. I chose this video because it particularly pokes fun at the cross between classical and rock music. Plus, you know, Led Zeppelin, man!

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