Pop violin practise: “Routine or not routine?”

pop violin practise

“Routine or Not Routine?”

From the moment we start studying violin – most, perhaps, with classical music teachers – the first thing we learn is: “practice, practice, practice!”.

We hear this from our teacher, our orchestra director, our fellow musicians. Most of us will become obsessive in our practise, it’s almost unavoidable. We end up believing that if one day we skip practise, we’ll lose all the progress we’ve made and we’ll never get to be great violinists.

Here’s the problem with that though: “great violinist“. There’s the notion that this equals studying ten hours a day — I’ve been there. However, we forget what’s most important: to be great musicians. Musicianship and instrumental proficiency should be linked together; but focusing obsessively on practising makes it closer to a sport, rather than music.

Don’t freak out — I’m not saying studying is bad! It’s the opposite. However, in my experience with classical and pop violin practise, I’ve discovered a few things that I want to share… Perhaps you can relate.


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