Modern Strings: a Journey

modern strings

Genres, Instruments, Gear

Forum owner madfiddler is another “hobbyist gone pro” (or semi) that has years of experience in bands, plus busking. In regards of genres, instruments and gear, he’s done it all: folk, rock, punk, and electronic music; and his gear is something to envy: “fully electric, or electro/acoustic [violin]. I have a GT5 floor effects pedal for the quick and easy gigs, for when I’m after more diversity I use Guitar Rig software on a MacBook Pro with Rig Control and a DMC Ground Control Plus midi pedals. For the solo work, I have a Digital Audio Workstation controlling the violin effects for me.”

User Nick2 sticks mostly to folk-rock, with some pop and blues, with his “two acoustic fiddles with Baggs pickups and a swan neck mic for quieter do’s, a pedal board, lots of effects (chorus, delay, wah, organ simulator, looper etc), a Violectra EV and an Epiphone mandolin“. Now, that’s a setup!

For real eclecticism, go to user GovernorSilver. Acoustic viola, electric violin, guitar, keyboards. Genres:  Experimental, free improv, post-punk (goth or shoegaze, depending on the audience). Used to play a bit of classical with a church orchestra but don’t play with them anymore.  Fool around with jazz.

Modern Strings = Passion

Most importantly, the reasons for drifting away from classical music and into modern strings seems to be the same for us all: passion. There’s no constriction that forces us to pick an instrument like the viola, the cello or the violin, only to play Bach and Beethoven. It may be busking with some folk tunes on an acoustic violin; or crankin’ it up to 11 with a distorted electric instrument on an experimental rock band: the result is the same. It’s all about expressing ourselves through the music that moves us.

I want to thank everybody who shared their stories about their relationship with modern strings. Hopefully, somebody reading this will find inspiration to take the leap and give it a go. Perhaps, you’re already an experienced rock violinist and can relate to somebody from the forum. If that’s your case, go ahead and join the community! You’re not alone! Also, feel free to leave a comment here or visit our Facebook page to share your journey as well 🙂

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