Classical Instruments in Rock Music? Hell yeah!

classical instruments in rock

Rock meets classical

When we think “rock band“, the usual instruments that come to mind are guitar, drums, bass and vocals. Perhaps, keyboards, or the harmonica are added to the mix; but that’s not too exotic. So when it comes to classical instruments in rock bands, it’s hard at first to come up with good examples – or, for some, to even imagine such thing to be possible.

The obvious answer would be to focus on symphonic rock. Bands such as King Crimson or Yes; or more recently, Within Temptation or Xandria, have approached rock from a classical perspective. The key is in the composition, or the vocals: the instrumentation is still mainly guitars, drums, bass, and an additional synth or saxophone.

So, how about rock bands who manage to sneak a traditional instrument into their lineup, and sound totally kick-ass doing so? Check out these examples!

The first thought that comes to mind…

…Would probably be Apocalyptica. Cellos + metal? For sure! Here, they are covering the Metallica classic, Master Of Puppets. Pretty cool, huh? However, one might argue that in this case they didn’t just add a classical instrument – they play nothing but cellos.

If you’re not convinced, keep reading and find better fit examples.

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