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Rock Violin Books

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Learn How to Play Rock Music on Your Violin.

Basic/Intermediate Level


This book covers techniques, scales, exercises, and much more…  Perfect for beginners! 

Exactly what you need to start rocking with your violin today!

The first one from our series of rock violin books is now available to purchase. Click on the “buy now” button to get instant access to our Sellfy store. Simply download the PDF file, and you’re good to go. All the music sheet, audio files and scales charts are included in the book.

BOOK’S CONTENT – 22 pages

All exercises come with an mp3 file. They are embedded on the PDF, ready to be opened or downloaded.

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • The Pentatonic scale

I. About the Pentatonic scale
II. The Gm scale on the violin
III. Long notes with the Gm scale. Exercises #1 & 2
IV. Speeding things up: bow strikes over the scale. Exercise #3
V. Digging deeper: the seven most used tones. Exercise #4

  • Quiz
  • Time to Rock! Repertoire: “Purple Haze” (Jimi Hendrix)
  • Cheat Sheet:

A. 7 most used scales.
B. Exercise #4: all tones.
C. Quiz results.