rock violin

ROCK VIOLIN: dedicated to the conjugation of the classical instrument and rock music.

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Do you play violin, but want to change your style? Then, you’re at the right place to start!

Professional musicians looking for sheet music, from rock and pop songs, will find them here.

Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been a violinist for years, there’s something for you.

Browse the blog, download sheet music, check the toolbox, get the books, and more.

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This website is Mariana Aulicino‘s project. She’s a professional violinist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She got started as most violin players do: performing classical music, getting a formal education and training, integrating orchestras, and so on. However, she eventually discovered rock music, and decided to keep playing the violin… albeit changing the direction of her style completely.

Now, Mariana plays an electric violin and has a sweet collection of pedals. A few years ago, she started the experimental rock trio named No Hay Banda (a reference to surrealist film director David Lynch).  Yes: a violin, a cello, and drums can sound like that! 

Mariana’s transition from Mozart to Metallica wasn’t always easy. She found there isn’t much information available online for playing rock music on this delicate instrument. Inspired by her own research and the pursuit of a new style, Mariana made the decision to share all that she had been learning so far. The goal is to inspire other violin players who are “stuck in a rut” playing in orchestras; or to spark the curiosity in those who are just learning to play the instrument, and want to do it in a fun way.

We aim to create a site that will be useful for those who want the thrill of having some rock violin in their lives. Rock on! 

Mili, web manager